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PAT PAT RV Water Softener System

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12 in stock

Introducing the PAT PAT RV Water Softener System, tailored specifically for fifth-wheel owners and RV enthusiasts. This advanced system offers a comprehensive solution for all your water needs on the road, ensuring that your RV’s water is pure, soft, and odor-free. With easy installation and maintenance, the Pat Pat System is the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to effortlessly enhance their RV water quality.

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  • Limited Time Free Shipping!
  • Install Kit Included
  • Hassle-Free Operation: Set it and forget it with automatic cleaning and easy programming.
  • Odor and Smell Removal: Advanced filtration technology eliminates the need for inline carbon filters.
  • Softens Park Water: Improves water quality by softening hard water directly from RV parks.
  • Easy Testing: Simple methods to check water quality, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Self-Cleaning: Automatically cleans itself, saving time and maintenance effort.
  • Salt Addition Made Simple: Just add salt to the Pat Pat Brine Tank to maintain efficiency and performance.
  • Carbon Filtration Upgrade Available: Enhance your system with an additional carbon filtration upgrade for $125 for even better taste and purity.
  • Shipping Time: Guaranteed to ship in 2 weeks

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