This is a patriot water filter system that ensures clean and safe drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

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Payments As Low As $23 A Month Or $9 A Week!

Discover the benefits of our Reverse Osmosis Drinking System, your key to unparalleled water cleanliness at an exceptional value, with plans starting from just $23/month or $9/week. This revolutionary system incorporates a high-efficiency membrane to sift through contaminants, delivering nothing but pure, refreshing water from your faucet. It’s not just a filtration unit; it’s an enhancement to your well-being. Equipped with 4 sophisticated filters, a sleek chrome faucet, and an effortless under-sink setup, it’s designed to elevate your water experience with minimal effort and supreme effectiveness. Ideal for Bulverde, Spring Branch, Blanco, and Canyon Lake households who prioritize superior quality and taste.

The concern for water quality is more prevalent today than ever, with a noticeable surge in bottled water purchases. While city water facilities treat water with chlorine to eliminate pathogens, tests for safety are conducted only at the source. Yet, water travels through pipelines and may pick up harmful substances like lead and asbestos.

Relying on bottled water is neither economical nor convenient. So, how can one ensure the availability of high-quality water directly from their fridge or ice dispenser without overspending or exerting unnecessary effort?

Since coffee and tea are almost entirely composed of water, their quality is inherently tied to the water used. The cutting-edge Reverse Osmosis System guarantees enhanced flavor for your beverages and crystal-clear ice cubes. It’s a system your pets and plants will appreciate, too.

By employing reverse osmosis, this system filters water on a molecular scale. It propels regular tap water against a specialized membrane, effectively isolating pure water molecules from any pollutants, which are then flushed away, ensuring only clean, great-tasting water is served.

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