A patriot alkaline filter designed for alkaline water.

Alkaline Filter


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Transform your hydration with our cutting-edge Alkaline Water Filter, now available as a complimentary addition with any PAT 2 or PAT 3 Drinking System package. Stand out from ordinary filtration solutions; our Alkaline Filter goes beyond mere purification. It infuses every sip with essential minerals and nutrients, promoting a balanced, healthful hydration experience. Ideal for residents of Bulverde, Spring Branch, Blanco, and Canyon Lake, our filter not only elevates water’s pH for a delightful taste but also safeguards your appliances against corrosion. Discover the profound difference in each glass.

Unlike the standard Alkaline In-Line Water Filters, our solution does more than just adjust acidity and enhance pH levels. It’s engineered to complement your lifestyle, seamlessly integrating with our 3-stage in-sink filters without stripping away the good. Enjoy the full spectrum of health benefits, from mitigating acid reflux to supporting circulatory health, all while maintaining the perfect balance of minerals in your water. Our Alkaline Filter is the key to unlocking a harmonious blend of well-being and pure taste, ensuring your water is not just purified, but revitalized.

What Are The Benefits Of Alkaline Water

How Our Aqua 3 & Our Alkaline Filter Works


Sediment Filter

The sediment filter is the first of three stages in our water filter. It removes larger particles from your water including dirt, rust, sand, and sediment. The material it filters out is more noticeable than what is filtered out in the later stages, making this layer an easy place to see if your filter is working.


Pre-Carbon Filter

This is the second stage of filtration, designed to remove more chemicals and contaminants left after untreated water has been filtered once. It helps eliminate chlorine, as well as other odors and tastes associated with tap water.


Membrane Filter

Ultrafiltration is the final stage of the filtration process and uses a membrane filter to remove all particles from the water by using reverse osmosis. The smallest particles are taken out of the water, producing the end product: clean, safe, readily-drinkable water.


Alkaline Filter

 The Alkaline filter is the last step and filters water to reduce acidity, return nutrients and minerals, and boost and improve the pH levels of drinking water in your home!

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