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Our Purpose


Patriot Water System was created to defend against the contaminants found in the water supply with a focus to provide every Patriot customer with fresh clean water for their entire home. 

Over the last 30 years, Anton Montgomery has been in the water business working his way up from helper, to an installer to sales to owning his own water filtration company. He had a dream to create a company that utilizes his experience to provide customers with the highest quality product at the lowest possible price by offering local installers to assist with installation and servicing needs. 

Anton felt that most of the systems on the market are overpriced because of the traditional sales process most companies follow. To fix this issue, Patriot Water System is a direct seller of our Water Purification Systems. Being a direct seller allows us to minimize our cost of goods sold and pass those savings to the consumer.

How The Water Regeneration Process Works

The control valve manages the recharge frequency of the resin beads inside the valve, which clean the water coming through the system and flushes the contaminated water out of the system.

How Water Filtration Works

As water travels from your water supply, hard or unfiltered water passes through a water filtration tank which contains resin beads that are coated in sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions are then exchanged for sodium or potassium ions, which filters the harmful minerals out of the water supply, otherwise known as “softening” the water.

When the beads used in your water softener have gone through a lot of use, they become trapped and hardened. Once the beads reach this states they need to be regenerated. To do this, the control valve flushes the beads with a brine solution of salt and water.

As regeneration occurs, the calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the beads and replaced with sodium or potassium ions enabling the system to be ready to soften water again.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Workmanship

Each Of Our  Patriot Water Filtration Systems is   crafted and installed with precision and detail to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product for your water-softening needs.


Our team understands our customers and strives to make investing in our water softeners convenient and simple. 

To help make this possible, we offer flexible payment methods with low or NO money down.

Customer Focused

Patriot Water System strives to make clean drinking water available to each and every home in the United States. We are a family-owned business and our customers are the heart of our operations!