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PAT 3 & Aqua 3 Bundle


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Introducing the pinnacle of home water treatment: the Patriot 3 bundle, featuring the top-tier Patriot 3 Water Softener, the advanced Aqua 3 Filtration System, and the health-enhancing Alkaline Filter. This premier package is specifically designed for larger households, ensuring that every faucet in homes with more than four bedrooms delivers nothing but the best.

The Patriot 3 Water Softener,, is the cornerstone of this bundle. Tailored for homes that house five or more residents, it boasts a generous 45k grain capacity and is capable of removing up to 300,000 gallons of chlorine, providing you with soft water that’s kind on your skin, hair, and appliances. Its user-friendly digital touchscreen interface makes managing your water softening needs a breeze, all while offering a lifetime warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Complementing the softening prowess of the Patriot 3, the Aqua 3 Filtration System elevates your water purity to new heights. This NSF-certified, 3-stage filtration marvel seamlessly works with our softeners, stripping away any lingering impurities to deliver pure, taste-free water straight from your tap. Its tankless design ensures an endless flow of purified water, and with easy-to-replace filters, maintaining peak performance is effortless.

The final touch to this luxurious water treatment ensemble is the Alkaline Filter, a gem that not only fine-tunes your water’s pH for a delightful taste but also reintroduces essential minerals back into your water, promoting a balanced and healthful hydration experience.

Embrace this ultimate bundle and transform your home’s water into a source of health, enjoyment, and convenience, all while catering to the needs of your larger household. With the Patriot 3 bundle, every drop of water becomes a testament to purity, health, and unmatched quality.

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Patriot 3


    • Ideal For Homes With More Than 4 Bedrooms
    • Members in Household: 5 Or More
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • 45k Grain Capacity
    • Digital Touchscreen
    • Chlorine Removal 200k
    • 300,000 gallons of chlorine removal

Aqua 3


    • 3 Filters
    • Unlimited Flow
    • Tankless
    • Chrome Spigot
    • Under Counter Installation

Alkaline Filter


100% Off

$750 Value

When you Bundle A Patriot 2 or patriot 3